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Cassie Horton

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I believe the therapy process is a marathon, not a sprint. Pacing and patience are
key to the type of collaborative therapy I offer. In this “marathon”, I am open to
discussing what tactics you want to use to create the change you want to see. 
As a counselor, I use myself as a vehicle for change in the therapeutic process. I
bring a warm, personable, and laid-back nature to each session because I
believe everyone needs a comfortable space to share their story. I push my
clients in the direction of their goals, but I respect the importance of pacing and
patience during the therapy “marathon”.  
I utilize an eclectic approach to meet you where you are. Some of these
approaches include Adlerian, Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral and
Mindfulness therapies. I have experience working with college students
(especially college student-athletes) and I know how difficult it is juggling
academics, work, school, sports, and a personal life. But I don’t work with just
athletes- I work with anyone who is struggling to handle the pressures of life. I
like to work on self-esteem building and identity formation with my clients. We
may also look in your past to see how life events and family history may have
impacted your present.
I invite clients ranging from adolescence to adulthood. If you are looking for
someone who will take the role of pushing you to meet your goals while still
staying in your corner cheering you on, please feel free to reach out.

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