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Morgan Perry

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I believe every person is worthy of a space to tell their story. An unbiased listener to hear how someone became the person they are today. To me, therapy is the space for someone to be open about their fears, struggles, triumphs, and all other experiences of life. Therapeutic change comes from one's ability to feel accepted and encouraged at all points in their journey. I believe in the clients power to be the expert at their own life, and hope to be a guide to help them reach their goals.  


“Everyone is doing their best with the tools they have been given, and the knowledge they currently hold.”

My approach

As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist associate, I conduct therapy  through a systemic lens. Using a solution-focused and narrative perspective, I help clients to see their strengths and abilities while providing trauma informed care. My background includes extensive experience with adolescents and families, which has grown my passion in working with adolescents and those going through life transitions.  I have experience with clients ranging from childhood to late adulthood, and have provided a range of therapy including, but not limited to: couples counseling, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and crisis intervention. 

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