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The Recovery Place


Welcome to our Sober Living Environment!

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The Recovery Place

Residents in our recovery homes commit to a six-month stay promoting accountability
during their early substance abuse recovery journey.

At The Recovery Place, residents access Individual, Group, and Family Therapy, Case Management, and Medical Services for mental health and substance use concerns.


Dedicated staff assist residents in setting goals and building substance-free, fulfilling lives.


A 2010 study on Sober Living Houses measured improvements in alcohol and drug use, employment, arrests, and psychiatric symptoms.


Involvement in Sober Living Houses, 12-step groups, and social network characteristics strongly predict recovery outcomes and emphasize their significance.

Our program structure entails resident commitments to counseling, outpatient treatment, community meetings, employment (if needed), volunteering, house activities, and mandatory meetings. We enforce accountability through frequent drug/alcohol tests, curfew, chores, wake-up times, and medication compliance.



Individual Counseling:

Participate in regular therapy sessions
to address personal cha
llenges and
track progress.


Community Involvement:

Contribute positively by engaging
in chores, meetings, and social activities. Help maintain a supportive, drug-free environment.



Holistic Wellness:

Embrace mindfulness, exercise,
and creative expression for overall



Ongoing Evaluation:

Continuously assess progress,
adapt the treatment plan as needed.

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Jamison Carpenter

The Recovery Place - Director


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