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Abbey Vann

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Do you ever find yourself saying "It is not supposed to be this way"? At times we have all felt lost in life, or found ourselves in a place we do not wish to be. Whether it be at the hands of trauma, loss of self-esteem, familial discord, or failed relationships, sometimes we all need some guidance getting back to our best version of ourselves.

I utilize Somatic and Experiential Theory based techniques to create a holistic approach to working on treatment goals. I have experience working with couples, individuals, and families with an emphasis on communication, rebuilding trust, intimacy, anxiety, depression, trauma, and body-image/self esteem concerns.

I take a compassionate, client centered approach to therapy. I use my warmth to help create a safe place where the most vulnerable parts of yourself feel welcomed into the therapy room. My focus is on helping you get back in touch with your inner self and ensuring your life is one that aligns with your inner most hopes and dreams.

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