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Diana Landers

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A lonely moment. A slight stressor. A tipping point or crisis. A sense of vulnerability or troubling thoughts. Maybe you are in physical pain. Something has called you to therapy, and you are seeking a guide to walk alongside you. My goal is to provide you both a place of comfort and autonomy, yet ensure we have the flexibility and willingness to go where we must.


I am a therapist, and I am also a parent, a spouse, a daughter, and a sibling. I believe that family bonds shape who we become, and I cannot guide you where I haven’t also been myself. Suppose we believe we have the capacity not only for insight but for connection. In that case, the relationship between therapist and client is often the first step towards feeling better, as we explore and make sense of what we may have lost and connect to what we still have.


I have a special interest in working with families, with men, and with illness or chronic pain. Some of my background includes working with vulnerable children and parents involved with the Department of Social Services, research in and experience with men’s issues, and an internship at a major hospital. My therapeutic interests lie in experiential, structural, and somatic techniques.


I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University, where I was a clinic intern at the Pfeiffer Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy and externed at Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center.


"The therapist must strive to create a new therapy for each patient... [The] paramount task is to build a relationship together that will itself become the agent of change." Irvin D. Yalom, The Gift of Therapy

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