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Fees & Insurance

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50 minutes


50 minutes


50 minutes


As a courtesy, we will bill two insurance plans for clients wanting to use an insurance discount toward the cost of your therapy services. We do not bill Medicaid, Medicare, or any out-of-network plans. We bill each visit for the following primary plans:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield - this includes the State Health Plan

  • Aetna - this includes the Employment Assistance Program 

  • United Health/Optum

  • Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance

If you have an insurance plan that is not one of the two listed above, you are expected to pay the FULL-service fee at the time of service. If your claim is denied or rejected due to an error outside of our control, then you will be responsible for the payment of services in full at the time of billing.  it is the client's responsibility to also call their benefits line and ask them if outpatient behavioral health is a covered service and if a deductible needs to be met prior to services being covered in full. We highly recommend verifying your coverage when arranging your first visit.


Self Pay

If you choose not to use your insurance plan, or we are out of your plan's network, then we can provide a superbill for services rendered, which you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. All new appointments and assessments are $150 per intake session, $120 for individual follow-up sessions, and $150 for couple/family follow-up sessions. 



A 24-hour notice is required for all reschedules and cancellations. A full-service charge will be applied for all appointments not kept, with the exception of emergencies. Late reschedules and cancellations are not covered by insurance.

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