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Ray Castillo

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I believe that every person has their own story. I am interested in your story because it matters and I understand how various factors can make us feel unheard and hidden. We all deserve a safe place to land, without judgement and to be empowered in doing so. This led to my work as a Marriage and Family Therapist and to invest into opening Living Life Wellness Center; a first step to a new beginning.


My Approach:

In my clinical work, I utilize an evidence-based systemic approaches in my work with individuals, couples and families; to aid in supporting my clients in achieving their therapeutic goals. I have a passion in helping those who need support in their recovery journey from addiction and am licensed as an Associate Clinical Addictions Specialist. I also provide care and support for our LGBTQAI+ community, including ethical non-monogamy dynamic and bring a sensitivity cross-culturally, promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion from an affirming stance. I am here to walk this journey together with you toward a path of recovery and life fulfillment.

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